We'd like to thank you for your interest in our demos, products, services and wish you a Happy New Year!
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This year we released multiple new versions, integrations and updates for our video communication solutions, which can bring a great boost to your businesses, projects and startups.

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At this special occasion, we'd like to offer you a 24% discount coupon*, for a great start in next year businesses, for licenses, white labels:

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When licensing an application or generic level for a domain multiple products and editions can be used in full mode on the licensed domain, depending on license level.
An extra (additional) license can be used to enable full mode on extra domain or all subdomains for already licensed domain. Additional license at half price offer is only valid for clients that already have a similar or higher level license.

*Discount is available for limited time, for multiple selected items and is non recurring. Promotion can be terminated at any moment this month when reaching certain volume.

Here is a quick map with our most important video communication software and services that may be useful for your existing sites or new startups:

Live Video Messenger
Video Messenger
Online Video Consultation
Video Consultation
2 Way Video Chat Script
2 Way Video Chat
Video Conference Script
Video Conference
Live Streaming Video Script
Live Streaming
Video Recorder Script
Video Recorder

Video Conference
Live Streaming
Video Presentation
Video Posts & Comments
Webcam Recorder

2 Way Video Chat
Live Streaming
Video Conference
Video Consultation
Webcam Video Recordings

Pay Per View Streaming
Live Streaming
Video Conference
2 Way Video Chat
Video Consultation


Live Webcam Streaming
Video Conference
Video Recorder

Live Streaming
Video Conference
2 Way Video Chat
Video Consultation

Live Video Streaming
Private Video Chat
Video Conference
Video Consultation Seminars

Video Sharing Community
ClipShare Webcam Plugins
AVS Webcam Plugins
Dolphin Webcam Plugins

Chat Roulette
VideoGirls BiZ PPV
Video Live Support

Wowza Hosting
Red5 Hosting
Dedicated Servers
RTMP Hosting
Red5 Installation

Free Webcam Chat

Script Installation
Affiliate Program

Tip: As commercial scripts integrating our plugins are developed by 3rd party entities, also check their sites for additional seasonal offers.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for details.

Best Regards,
VideoWhisper.com Team

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