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: Backup or other party (partner, developer) to receive notifications.

Important: You will need to use link from email notification to confirm your ticket! Unconfirmed email tickets may NOT be opened and often get prefiltered as spam.
As notifications can get blocked by email provider, include a secondary email from different provider (preferably Gmail) to backup replies.

Important News

New recommended contact option: Consult VideoWhisper.
  • Use tickets to contact us using the pages on this website. Your ticket will be addresses as soon as possible by an expert consultant.
    Do NOT reply email ticket notifications directly by email. Direct emails are not monitored or processed and also often get blocked and automatically deleted by spam filters.
  • Due to worldwide increase in remote work / businesses and associated surge in demand for live video streaming / conferencing / remote activity online tools, support may be slower.
    Some extra patience and time may be required run your online business. Currently, average support response time is 1-2 working days.
  • Scope: Use these forms to access technical support. VideoWhisper provides technical solutions (content agnostic) to run your own live platform with own users and content, on own domain.
    VideoWhisper does not provide content or user data, legal or financial advice, billing processing, marketing, branding, business incorporation, domain registration, graphic design.
    Technical support does not manage or process billing details. For billing management, options are available on the billing site(s) where you filled your billing details, linked below.
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