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Important: You will need to use link from email notification to confirm your ticket!

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You can also follow updates using Twitter, Facebook. Warning: Social media and forums are not monitored by support, use tickets to contact.

Use tickets to contact us using the pages on this website. Your ticket will be addresses as soon as possible by a subject matter expert. See Support Policy & Terms for more details.
Do NOT reply email ticket notifications directly by email. Direct emails are not monitored or processed and also often get blocked and automatically deleted by spam filters.
This form is for technical inquiries about software and services. For billing issues contact billing site from their contact pages mentioned below.
  • Phone Number
    Billing: Phone support is available for most billing partners / distributors (BlueSnap, Avangate, ShareIt, PayPal, CoinPayments) at numbers provided on their contact pages, on their official sites, based on their policy. Billing sites can't assist with technical inquiries and have own support policy and procedure.
    Technical: As listed in Support Policy below, due to the technical nature of our services that requires written communication, strict security, indentity and order verification, exchanging technical details and credentials, technical staff that may not be available at precise moments, support is only available in written trough this tickets system. We value your time and tickets are the fastest way to provide proper support.
    Use form above to submit your inquiries, include order email/number if available and appropriate staff will try to address these as soon as available.
  • Security Warning: This web based tickets system is the only authorised form of support we provide. If you get in contact outside our site (on email, phone, message boards, IM, social networking, live persons or offices) to what appears to be VideoWhisper staff/partners, never provide sensitive details and always come to our site to clarify any information using this tickets system. Order VideoWhisper services only from links obtained directly from VideoWhisper web pages (site or ticket pages). We will not be able to provide any type of assistance if you make payments or get into contracts with 3rd parties.
  • There were some reports about missing confirmation emails. This is usually related to spam filters and mail server settings: emails are blocked by client mail server.
    Try with a free GMAIL account and create filters for our emails to never send to spam folder.
    This is required mainly because our technical emails contain multiple reference links and sometimes hosting info including IPs that trigger spam filters.
  • Members: If you submit tickets with same email as for your member account you'll be able to see all tickets listed for future reference.
Support Policy & Terms
  • We can provide free support including product and service information, assistance and guidance, suggestions and recommendations related to our software and services, by tickets.
  • Our policy is to discuss in written due to the technical nature of the products and services that usually require an expert and exchanging links to demos, instructions, descriptions, specs, credentials, appropriate order pages.
    Due to the technical nature, most inquiries can not be handled by plain order takers or sales staff. Submitting a ticket allows one or multiple Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to address it as available.
    We value your time and support tickets are the fastest way we can securely provide support.
  • Language: Our site, product demos, documentation and support are available in English, which is the common language for our staff, developers, partners. If an English speaker is not available in your team, you can still use Google Translate to send your inquiries in English and understand our site, documentation, messages.
  • Tickets Exclusively: Alternate channels of communications (like Facebook, Twitter, personal contacts including email, forums or discussion groups) are not authorised to provide any type of support. Our staff that notices such inquiries can only provide link or instructions to get to the official contact page.
    Direct emails are not monitored by support: all inquiries should be submitted from online form on VideoWhisper.com site. Ticket only communication increases security, efficiency.

  • No 3rd parties are authorised to provide support or deal offers for Videowhisper. Always use tickets from our site (do not reply direclty to emails) to communicate with VideoWhisper.
  • Limitations: Our services refer to providing and setting up software and hosting. Once this is done and works as advertised in the demos and site pages there is not much else to do by our staff.
    Considering these, we try to keep our prices affordable by not introducing costs related to human order takers or salesmen, 24/7 support, hot lines, site management staff. While senior developer/expert hourly rate averages $200/hour, software solutions we provide start from $25/month, complete managed hosting plans with full streaming capabilities start from $50/month and co-sponsored development can be provided in range of hundreds per feature.
    If you have extra budget for your project you can always hire a webmaster, developer, technical consultant, rent your own server and hire a server administrator or management services.
    Further development and customizations depend on your business, considering the limitations of software and service we provide. These limitations can be prospected prior to purchase with the online demos, trial downloads, documentation written on the website for each edition, tables listing allocated resources and usage recommendations for hosting plans and servers.
    Services can also be ordered for limited time (monthly) for full mode usage for in depth evaluation.
  • Tickets are addressed depending on topic, contents, history and area of competence, not by specific staff or request. Same ticket may contain inquiries from different areas of competence.
  • Answers may be or contain standard or computer generated replies, to increase communication efficiency and reduce human related flaws.
    Most answers include links to our documentation for in depth details, specifications and access to other relevant sections, answers to expected follow up questions.
  • Confirm tickets using link from notification email: Confirmed tickets are addressed with priority. Unconfirmed tickets may not be addressed at all, depending on staff availability and load.
  • Response Time: Most tickets are addressed next working day depending on required technical staff availability. Tickets are answered depending on availability of required technical staff, time zone, working hours (variable), working days (not including common non working days like Christmas, New Year and sometimes weekends), unavailability of approprite staff due to special situations, steps required to address the inquiry (testing, setups, research, development). In conclusion tickets can be replied from minutes to multiple hours or days later and exact time also depends on inquiry.
  • Sometimes tickets are skipped or lost due to human or technical reasons. So, if you don't receive a reply in 48h you should include a reminder, follow up by replying same ticket. If in 72h you don't get an answer try submitting a new one and make sure you confirm using link from email notification.
  • Software support is only available for latest versions and standard editions: Make sure you have downloaded and installed latest version for the edition you're using so issues are not caused by older bugs, missing features or custom code added by 3rd parties.
  • Installation & Troubleshooting assistance can only be provided after receiving all details required for that like order identification (order email/order number) and installation details. If you want our staff to take a look at your existing installation, include detailed testing instructions and information: what url to access, user and password if needed, what tot click to get to the application if necessary. Assistance can be provided for latest versions of VideoWhisper solutions, not 3rd party code/customisations or older versions.
  • Customer inquiries have priority and in addition to information, support can also refer to delivery, notifications/clarifications about license/hosting setup and activation,  assistance with 1 installation on compatible hosting after receiving access details, troubleshooting configuration of provided items to work as in demos.
  • As support is free, it is not included with orders. Ordering does not include a different type of support than described in these terms. Order processing is complete after delivery of contracted items (activation/setup and sending of details).
  • Billing Support: VideoWhisper does not collect, keep or manage your billing details (like credit card info). These are managed by the billing site and all inquiries related to billing process should be addressed there.
    BlueSnap, Avangate, ShareIt and other listed processors are the legal distributors for VideoWhisper products and services and can assist with billing issues, order information corrections, invoice, W9 form.
    VideoWhisper staff receives automated notifications about payments/cancellations from billing site and updates service status. For each order you can use billing site contact page and information in your billing notification emails to address billing related inquiries.
    VideoWhisper staff can only check payment status (if paid or not) based on order email/order number and provide links to billing site contact pages, depending on your order (what billing site you used or plan to use).
    Order details, billing information and subscriptions (including operations like cancellations, switching) can only be submitted and managed by client directly on billing site.
    Alternate billing options can be used based on prior communication.
  • Registering on site with ticket email will allow accessing previous tickets for that email and secure ticket contents (accessing ticket contents requires login if an user registereed with that email). Tickets are automatically locked after some time (link access without login is no longer available) and registration/login is compulsory to access older tickets, even if you have the secret ticket link.
  • Abuse: Inquiries unrelated to VideoWhisper solutions and services or duplicate/redundant inquiries are not welcome and may result in discarding messages, bans or other protective actions. Please read messages including referenced pages/sections before replying, review site documentation, terms and clarifications especially if referenced in support staff replies.
    Please avoid flooding, spamming or abusing our support system as we reserve all rights to further actions including banning, blacklisting, reporting to 3rd party organisations and agencies.
  • Inquiries that repeatedly signal poor understanding of solution features, limitations and requirements or service terms, may be discarded or addressed later when our staff has extra time to repeat clarifications.
  • What if ticket system breaks or does not work? Our staff will notice if flow of tickets stop and will test it and fix it. Try again later or with different email, as suggested. You can also leave a mention on Twitter about the ticket system.
  • Support system is also subject to site terms and policies: See Privacy Policy, Terms of Use , Copyrights, solution End User License Agreement.
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