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WordPress Live Streaming

VideoWhisper > Live Streaming > WordPress
WordPress Live Video Streaming Software
  • easy install and update as WordPress plugin
  • web based live webcam video broadcasting
  • live stream as HTML5 WebRTC / HLS / MPEG-DASH / Flash RTMP
  • broadcast from HTML5 WebRTC, OBS/GoCoder/Flash RTMP, RTSP
  • transcoding for HLS iPhone / iPad playback support
  • premium channels with better features and quality
  • control access by roles, ID, email
  • limit broadcasting and watch time per channel
  • BuddyPress group channel integration
  • paid channel support
  • membership site ready, paid tips for broadcasters
  • widget with online channels
  • channel setup and management page in frontend
  • channel listings with live AJAX updates
  • snapshots for external streams
  • custom ads in chat
  • channel post type (for easy access management)
  • external application support with RTMP session control
    (Wirecast, Flash Media Live Encoder, Open Broadcaster Software)
  • IP camera 24/7 streams
  • scheduled video playlist
  • iPhone / iPad alternative available (custom app)

Find more details about latest version on the turnkey solution website:

Broadcast Live Video

The VideoWhisper Live Streaming software can easily be used to add webcam live video broadcasting to WordPress, live video streams on blog pages and setup membership for accessing or broadcasting live video.

Administrators can control access to broadcasting and watching live stream (including defining lists of users that can access).
Latest version includes a settings page linked both from Plugins page > VideoWhisper Live Streaming > Settings and Left menu > Live Streaming> Settings menu.

BuddyPress integration: If BuddyPress (for Wordpress) is installed this will add a Live Stream tab to the group where users can watch live video and chat realtime. Admins can broadcast anytime from Admin > Live Streaming. Group admins can broadcast from Admin section.

Find on this page: live demos, installation instructions, customisation and development info, paid channels setup, membership site setup, external application support.

Live Broadcast

* These snapshots may be outdated, showing older interfaces. For latest version check turnkey streaming site solution and live streaming site demos.
Live Demos

See a turnkey live broadcasting site at VideoNow.live Includes external broadcasting application support, membership integration.

Or test a live demo of software by registering a free account on the VideoChat Scripts site. This also includes demos for BuddyPress Groups functionality.

Installation Instructions for Live Streaming Plugin

See Broadcast Live Video - Setup Tutorial for a complete guide on setting up this WordPress edition.

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements, specially for HTML5 live streaming with SSL. SSL is required both for site (HTTPS) and streaming server (i.e. Wowza StreamLock certificate).

  1. If you're not hosting live streaming with VideoWhisper go to RTMP Application Setup for installing the special module in Wowza SE.
  2. Search the VideoWhisper Live Streaming plugin and install it directly from WordPress admin area (recommended) OR download latest WordPress PHP zip and copy the files from the zip file including folder structure to your wordpress plugins folder: you should obtain wp-content/plugins/videowhisper-live-streaming-integration . The update to latest version from WordPress repository.
  3. Enable the plugin from Wordpress admin area and configure the streaming settings, feature pages following the backend tutorial.
  4. To make it accessible from frontend enable link widget and channel management page. Or just groups integration can be used if BuddyPress is available and Groups are enabled.
    You can also add online channels in posts and pages as per Shortcodes tab in admin settings.

  • Updates should be automated from wordpress admin, as published trough wordpress repository.
  • BuddyPress integration requires Groups to be enabled.


Customizing WordPress Live Streaming Integration

The wordpress integration is based on a slightly modified php live video streaming edition so you can also check that for customizing settings, integration and implementation of other features.


External Applications Support

External applications (Wirecast, FMLE, Open Broadcasting Software, iOS GoCoder...) do not include functionality to notify web scripts, as web based VideoWhisper applications do.
Also, external applications do not send snapshots to the web scripts.

Special RTMP Session Control functionality is required to notify plugin when external streams go live (to show channels as live) or when clients watch the videos.

When external streams are reported, plugin will also call FFMPEG to generate updated channel snapshots directly from these live streams.

Details, Downloads for Live Streaming

Turnkey Site Projects / Alternative Clone Scripts

This plugin can be used to setup multiple turnkey site types and projects in combination with other plugins and items. Here's some suggestions:

Paid Channels Setup
  • Install myCRED, an adaptive points management system that lets you award / charge your users for interacting with your WordPress powered website. Allows users to buy credits with multiple gateways:
    • PayPal Standard
    • Skrill (Moneybookers)
    • NETbilling
    • Zombaio
    • BitPay (bitcoin)
    • more gateways available as paid addons from their site ...
  • Enable the myCRED Sell Content Module that allows selling any publicly available post types, including channel posts created by this plugin. You can select to either charge users to view the content or pay the post's author either the whole sum or a percentage.
  • Add "channel" to myCRED settings > Sell content > Post Types.
  • Also myCRED buyCRED Module should be enabled and at least 1 payment gateway configured for users to be able to buy credits. Setup a page for users to buy credits with shortcode [mycred_buy_form].
  • Enable Sell content functionality from Live Streaming > Settings > Billing tab.
  • Optionally, setup a page for users to see content they purchased with shortcode [mycred_sales_history].
Membership Site Setup
  • First install a membership plugin to manage paid member roles. Setup at least 1 paid role that members get by purchasing membership.
  • From Settings > Live Streaming configure permissions as desired for your paid membership roles:
    • from Broadcast tab setup who can broadcast and default quality settings
    • from Watch tab setup who can watch the live channels
    • from Premium tab setup who broadcasts premium channels and who can watch these, higher quality settings for these streams
  • If you enable transcoding for iOS, direct access to the HLS is not controlled by this plugin, because its not done trough VideoWhisper player applications.
    So make sure you post the HTML5 live video code for Safari in a page, post, section where access is controlled with the membership plugin.

Live Video Streaming Interface

Broadcasters can click webcam preview to select webcam and microphone hardware, configure bandwidth, compression and other settings. Broadcasters can publish show titles realtime (that show both on watch and video interfaces) and kick watchers.

Live Broadcast

Blog visitors will be able to participate in chat by providing a temporary username right in the chat application. Blog users will participate with their usernames if logged in. When a broadcaster joins watch interface (for testing), an @ is added to username to allow 2 sessions connected at the same time.

Live Watch and Discuss Online

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