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PHP IP Camera Stream

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Live Video Streaming Software
  • Re-Stream Live Video in Browser
  • Input Existing Streams (RTSP, UDP, RTMP)
  • Serve hundreds/thousands of users with a streaming server
  • Share Channels Link
  • Limit Stream Life (Automated Deletion)
  • Limit Watch Time by Channel, User
  • Simple Setup
  • Easy to Install, Configure
  • Full PHP Source Code
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Transcoding for iOS HLS playback
Live Streaming PHP Webcam Script

The PHP IP Camera edition is an easy integration to publish an ip cam live stream on websites using the Live Streaming application. This basic edition is for easy integration with other scripts.

For a easier setup of IP camera re-streaming, see the turnkey BroadcastLiveVideo turnkey site solution that allows managing IP camera streams as described in this IP Camera Re-Streaming Tutorial (RTSP to HTML5 HLS/MPEG or RTMP).

These solutions solve the problem of broadcasting live video from a RTSP stream directly to website pages, without using browser dependent plugins like ActiveX, Quicktime that don't work for most users or are being disabled in latest browser versions.

How it works: A streaming server connects to source stream (RTSP, RTMP) and delivers it using appropriate web formats (HTML5 HLS/MPEG or RTMP) to hundreds or thousands of viewers on various devices.
What you need : The software and the specific streaming hosting. We recommend turnkey combo plans with live streaming software license and complete streaming hosting capabilities.

This brings multiple benefits (compared to streaming directly from IP cam to users):

  1. Live video is available web based on most browsers and devices, in multiple adaptive formats (HTML5 HLS & MPEG-DASH on mobiles, Flash player on pc with support for advanced features like viewer chat and interactions)
  2. Live video is distributed from a streaming server to many viewers, without limitations of IP camera network connection (IP camera uploads just 1 stream to streaming server and then it's delivered from there to all users, instead of trying to serve all users directly)
  3. More advanced access control options can be implemented when including live stream on a website (like paid access - pay per view, advertisements, advanced listing/sorting of multiple streams)

Input: Allows publishing stream from IP camers or other sources in multiple formats (rtsp://, udp://, rtmp://, rtmps://, wowz://, wowzs:// ).
For increased playback support, H264 video with AAC audio encoded streams should be used.
Original address will remain secret (will not be shared with stream viewers).

Output: Stream can be published using RTMP player (supported in PC browsers) and HTML5 : HLS on Safari and iOS/Android mobiles, MPEG-DASH on Chrome and Android mobiles.

Restreaming IP cameras is also available in Broadcast Live Video solution that allows building a turnkey live channels website with advanced channel and users management support.

Find on this page more info about PHP Live Streaming:

Demo for Live Video Streaming from IP Camera Script

Enter IP Camera Live Streaming Broadcast Demo

How to test:

  1. Add your stream address (test it before in VLC or other playet to work) and a label.
  2. Test the multiple playback interfaces available (watch and discuss, only video, HLS playback for mobiles, transcoder).
  3. Check other published streams if available (streams remain some hours active and listed on main demo page, and then get automatically erased)

Installation Instructions for PHP Live Video Streaming from IP Camera

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements.
This edition requires Wowza Streaming Engine 4.2+ to monitor and publish the streams folder and having web and streaming on same server.

  1. If you're not hosting RTMP with us go to RTMP Application Setup for installation details
  2. Download archive, unzip and copy contents of ls_ipcamera to your web installation location. (Example: www.yoursite.com/ipcamera/)
  3. Fill your RTMP path into settings.php
  4. If you don't have SuPHP, enable write permissions (0777) for folders: snapshots, uploads
  5. For stream publishing, configure stream monitoring and application as per Wowza specs and fill $streams_path settings.php .
    If you have Wowza hosting with us, our staff can assist with setting this up.

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