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PHP Video Consultation

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Use the php script edition stand alone or integrate it with your php website, members base.

Online Video Consultation PHP Script
  • Video Consultations, Presentations, eLearning Rooms
  • Create Unlimited Consultation Rooms
  • Use Moderator Link to Access
  • Share Participant Link with Users
  • Document Slide Import (images, videos)
  • Video Slides: Record / Upload
  • Animated Slide Annotations
    Whiteboard / Comments / AV Recordings
  • Simple Setup
  • Easy to Install, Configure
  • Full PHP Source Code
  • Easy to Integrate

Find on this page: demo, installation instructions, customization and integration specifications, how does it work .

Demo of PHP Video Consultation Script

Enter Video Consultation Demo

On the simple php script demo you'll be able to create an instant one on one video consultation room, get the invite link and enter video consultation to wait for the other participants to join.

After entering as moderator, click any participant in list (can be yourself) and Set Speaker to show on main panel.

Installation Instructions for PHP Video Consultation

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements. This edition requires the specific document conversion requirements for importing document as slides (PPT, DOC, PDF) slides and video conversion requirements for video upload.

  1. If you're not hosting RTMP with us go to RTMP Application Setup for installation details.
  2. Download consultation_php.zip, unzip and copy contents of consultation_php to your web installation location. (Example: www.yoursite.com/consultations/)
  3. Fill your RTMP path into settings.php .
  4. Get your own RTMFP path (i.e. by registering for a free developer key from Adobe Cirrus) and fill into settings.php as $rtmfp_server . Using a shared key can result in interruptions and group limitations.
  5. If you don't use suPHP, enable write permissions for "uploads" folder.
How does it work?

Software generates a consultation room link that can be sent to other parties using any method (email/text messenger/sms).
By using that link participants can access the online consultation room that includes high definition live video, file sharing and multiple discussion and moderation tools.
No downloads are required. All is browser based and works on almost any platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

Details, Forums, Downloads, Order Full License

Customizations of PHP Video Consultation, Conferencing and e-Learning Software

  • Edit interface including skins, icons, sounds, logo, background in templates/consultation .
  • This can be integrated with your members database and login system. Variables like username, loggedin (1 if user was logged in and allowed to enter, 0 otherwise), welcome message, streaming settings, available panels, features for regular users are passed from c_login.php . For advanced integration see the integration tutorial or professional integration services.
  • Edit logout page c_logout.php
  • Edit emoticons list and mappings in emoticons/emoticons.xml
  • Edit translations for most important texts in translation.php . Just send message "/videowhisper translation" using text chat and full list of translations will be provided in a new panel.
    Only texts that were used during current session will be listed - if you encounter new messages get translations list again for updates.
  • For each session, multiple parameters can be configured on login from c_login.php :
    • Configure default streaming settings:
    • H264 codec settings:
      videoCodec: H264 / other value uses default codec
      codecProfile: baseline/main for H264
      codecLevel: 1, 1b, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2, 2.1, 2.2, 3, 3.1, 3.2, 4, 4.1, 4.2, 5, 5.1 for H264
    • sound codec settings:
      soundCodec: Speex/Nellymoser
      micRate: 11/22/44 for Nellymoser
      soundQuality: 0-10 for Speex
    • Enable/disable panels and permissions for regular users or admin:
      if ($administrator)

      //moderator assigns who broadcast cam on public panels
      //(speaker, inquirer, extra public panels)
      //user cam is started when user is assigned to a public panel

      $regularCams=1; //regular (unmoderated) use of cam, start own cam without assignment
      $regularWatch=1; //regular use of video, watch others from list privately
      &room_limit=30 - Maximum of participants permitted in room (extra are disconnected)
    • Toggle Push To Talk so users need to click a button to broadcast sound (for avoiding echo):
    • Enable snapshots (managed from vw_snapshots.php):
    • &generateSnapshots=1
    • Limit text chat (flood protection in seconds and writing in text chat):
      &verboseLevel=2 - Limit system messages:
      0 = Nothing
      1 = Failure
      2 = Warning / Recoverable Failure
      3 = Success
      4 = Action
      5 = Debug - lots of output
    • Filter bad words:
      //replace bad words or expression
      $filterReplace=urlencode(" ** ");
    • Fill layout obtained by sending in chat box "/videowhisper layout":
      ..fill layout code here...

    • Configure extra video panels:
      &publicVideosN=3 -Default number of extra video panels to show on start
      &publicVideosAdd=<?=$publicVideosAdd?>&publicVideosMax=8 - Moderators are allowed to add extra panels up to a maximum total number
      &publicVideosW=165&publicVideosH=178&publicVideosX=300&publicVideosY=100 - Default panel sizes and starting position
      &publicVideosColumns=2&publicVideosRows=0 - How will panels be stacked (limit by columns or rows - one must be 0)
      &publicVideo1=user1&publicVideo2=user1... - Assign default user videos to show in public video panels (starts automatically if moderator does not assign another video to that panel or closes it).
    • &videoRecorder=1&videoControl=1 - Allow video slides and controlling video streamps (pause/reload).
    • &slideComments=1&writeAnnotations=1&editAnnotations=1 - Enable Annotations (text comments, audio/video recording, whiteboard)
    • Configure a default rtmp stream (live stream or recording) to play when there's nothing on main screen, from c_login.php:
    • Configure group P2P parameters:
      &p2pGroup=VideoWhisper - Group name. All users in groups are used as needed for transmissions - so you can have same group for multiple applications to improve spread and broadcast.
      &supportRTMP=1&supportP2P=1 - Allow using these protocols for streaming.
      &alwaysRTMP=0&alwaysP2P=0 - Force broadcast even if there are no subscribers. Use alwaysRTMP to make sure all sessions go trough server (for archivign). Warning: Broadcasting to both protocols requires double streaming bandwidth.
  • Sessions are reported and can be controlled from c_status.php (see comments in file for details)
    Integrate pay per view, pay per minute functionality in c_status.php script called by each user session periodically (5-15s).

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