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Drupal Pay Per View Streaming

VideoWhisper > Drupal Pay Per View Webcam Video Streaming Suite

This page explains how to setup Pay Per Minute / Pay Per View ( PPM / PPV ) video chat, consultations & e-learning, webcam live shows, conferences using VideoWhisper Drupal Modules.

2 Way Video ChatLive Streaming
Video ConferenceVideo Consultation

Advanced integrations that include credit support are currently available only for Drupal 7.

Read on this page about installation, configuration, payment settings and fees, setting up Paypal and Plimus billing, creating billing packages, room listings configuration.

VideoWhisper provides multiple Drupal integration modules that can be setup stand alone as explained on their dedicated pages from this website:

All modules are also available to install as project VideoWhisper Webcam Plugins from Drupal repository.

Installation Instructions for VideoWhisper Webcam Plugins

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements.
If you already have an older version installed, make sure you uninstall that first.

  1. If you're not hosting RTMP with us go to RTMP Application Setup for installation details.
  2. Login to your Drupal administrator account and go from Dashboard to Administration>Modules:
    - Get VideoWhisper modules or links from Drupal Repository or VideoWhisper download page. From download page get All Drupal 7 Modules download that includes all VideoWhisper integration modules, vwrooms and vwcredits.
    - This module requires Date_api , Date_popup (from Date package). Install (Install new module) and enable these requirements first if not present in your installation.
    - Install project (Install new module) and enable Rooms List, Credits and application integrations you need from VideoWhisper category.
  3. Click Configure for applications you want to use on Modules screen (in example Video Consultation), and fill your rtmp application path (get it from step 1).
    Change other settings as desired.
  4. Click Permissions for applications integrations on Modules screen and enable permissions as desired.
    Give users permissions for Node section to create, edit, delete their own nodes, depending on your site user roles.
    Users can be allowed to create and manage their own rooms, visitors can be allowed to access rooms (so invite links work for people nor registered on the site) and admins to manage all rooms.
Configure VideoWhisper Webcam Plugins

These modules work with credits. Each user has a virtual wallet with credits.
Users access info about credits with frontend menu Balance and Transactions . That provides access to a page containing multiple tabs to manage credits: current balance, transactions, add credits.

Setup credit configuration from Drupal admin dashboard > Modules > VideoWhisper > VideoWhisper Credits module -> Configure :

  • Free credits on registration
    Is a free bonus all users receive after registering. This signup bonus can be the equivalent of 1-5$. In our demos we set this as 100 credits to allow users to test paid sessions.
  • Min. allowed withdrawal
    Minimum number of credits that user needs to have and request for withdrawal (if user has permission to withdraw funds).

For each module these payment settings and fees can be configured:

  • Module Mode
    What type of rooms can be created with this module: Free/Paid/As configured by room owner .
  • Grace Period
    After entering room user will not generate charges until grace period ends. Ex: 30s
  • Min/Max Grace Period
    Room owner can configure grace period between these limits. Ex: 0-30s
  • Room Owner's Cost
    Room owner is charged this fee for each minute of room usage (generated by other people in room). This is useful when site provides rooms for owners that provide services to their external clients, visitors without site account and owner should be charged for all use. Ex: 0.1 credits/minute
  • Cost of using Own Room
    Room owner is charged this fee when he is in own room. It's useful when site owner does not want room owners (performers) to be charged or needs to charge only based on owner's usage (ex: for owner broadcasting time). Ex: 0.1 credits/minute
  • User cost
    This is cost per minute charged for user when using a room (owned by somebody else). Use to charge site clients. Ex: 4 credits/minute
  • Min/Max User Cost
    Limits for user cost when room owner can configure these. Ex: 0-10 credits/minute
  • Owner's Gain
    Ratio of user cost that represents owner gain: how much room owner gets for each user that spends 1 credit in that room. Ex: 0.75 ratio

Current modules come with support for Paypal and Plimus billing processing. These can be configured in the Payment Servers section of Credits module settings.
Configure Paypal email, url (sandbox or main site) and Plimus store url.
Also get IPN addresses to configure for automated billing.

A virtual credits wallet will allow charging in various currencies and setting up ratio as desired (Ex: 100 credits/10$).
Admin can create billing packages from frontend from Billing packages menu. Users can purchase these credit packages to add credits to their accounts and spend in rooms.

Admin has IPNs, Add Credit, Withdrawals sections in his frontend Balance and Transactions menu for managing billing and required corrections.

The VideoWhisper Rooms module provides a global list with all rooms, snapshots, costs in frontend.
An useful setting from this module settings is to configure Room List Defaults like Owner Online: Yes if you just need to list rooms that have their owner online.

Uninstall/Upgrade Modules

If you want to upgrade a module to a more recent version you will need to uninstall old version first.

  1. Login as administrator
  2. Go to Modules from dashboard in Drupal administration area
  3. Disable the module from VideoWhisper section and [Save Configuration]
  4. Go to Uninstall tab, Select module and [Uninstall], Confirm
  5. Go to Structure > Content Types and delete any remaining content types
  6. Go to Configuration > Performance > Clear Cache and Clear all Caches
  7. Optionally, with FTP remove this folder with old files from:
    1. /sites/all/modules/videowhisper


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