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This page explains how to setup webcam video recording, live video streaming channels and video conferencing rooms on ClipBucket video sharing sites, using turnkey VideoWhisper plugins. Read on this page about features, installation, setup & configuration.

Enrich ClipBucket powered video sharing sites with custom video content and video communication features:

Video Recorder

Webcam Video Recorder Plugin
- Enables Record Video menu for users that allows recording video from webcam instead of upload.
Import Streams Plugin
- Enables an Import Streams menu for user to import videos archived from live broadcasts.
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Live Streaming Live Video Streaming Plugin
- Enables a Broadcast live menu for users to stream live channels from webcam.
- Live channels show as snapshots for online broadcasters on front page with link to watch.
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Video Conference Live Video Conference Plugin
- Enables a new Video Conference menu that allows users to participate in webcam video chat rooms.
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A live demo site is deployed as VideoFlock - Webcam Video Sharing . Just register a free account and test the new features.
Installation Instructions for VideoWhisper Webcam Extensions

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all requirements.

  1. If you're not hosting RTMP with us go to RTMP Application Setup for installation details.
  2. Plugins can be downloaded and installed all as videowhisper pack (recommended) or one by one.
    Download latest version from our site, unzip and upload all from main folder (videowhisper / livestreaming / videoconference / videorecorder) to the root of your ClipBucket site (usually public_html).
    After doing this you should have new folders in the plugins folder for the plugins you install (cb_conference, cb_import, cb_recorder ...).
  3. Go to your ClipBucket admin area and from Plugin Manager select the VideoWhisper plugins and Install.
  4. From the new menu category in admin area, VideoWhisper Settings, configure rtmp address for each plugin.
    For Recorder and Import plugins you also need to setup path where rtmp server saves streams so plugins can access these.
    Note: These plugins require the RTMP server to be on same physical server as the HTTP server so videos are saved in same file system.
  5. If you don't have suPHP enabled, you need to enable the php scripts from writing into snapshots and uploads folders (0777) in conference, recorder, live folders.
Setup and Configure VideoWhisper Webcam Extensions
  • Setup who can use the new plugins from VideoWhisper Permissions menu category in admin area
  • Setup settings of plugins from VideoWhisper Settings menu category in admin area
Customize VideoWhisper Webcam Plugins

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