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Due to broadband internet availability and data compression technology, video streaming became the big thing of recent years. New internet businesses started with online video (YouTube) and online live video & communications is the next big thing that followed. Considering the high demand for live video streaming solutions new business opportunies emerge and you can take your share.

Below you will find details about affiliate programs (to receive commissions from sales), publisher program (to distribute free versions with your ads) and volume discounts (get multiple licenses at discounted price).

Affiliate Programs

Promote software on your website and get paid for it: Get up to 30% commission on every license sale you refer and up to 50% for first charge on recurring plans!
It's a lot, considering this is not an info product. Products involve technical support, installation, configuration provided by highly qualified and paid experts.

Our software payment processors (BlueSnap (Plimus), ShareIt, Avangate) provide affiliate programs that that can be used to get up to 30% from all sales generated through the affiliate links. Just signup get the links and add 30% of each sale directly to your account. Multiple payout options are available depeding on processor: bank account, check, paypal, payoneer debit card (delivered first by mail).

Become a VideoWhisper.com affiliate today!  Signup as affiliate reseller on:

  • BLUESNAP (PLIMUS) - Recommended: Latest products already setup as this is the platform currently in use.

After signing up, search for our products / company and start reselling. Contact Us if products are not available, updated.

  • No need to store any software on your servers, or keep track of licenses
  • No hassles related to invoicing or payments from customers
  • No setup fee, no start up cost, no hidden performance targets to reach!

The affiliate purchase links can be sent directly to 3rd party buyers or used by the affiliate reseller to purchase the licenses for his clients. The purchase comissions are credited instantly to the affiliate accounts.

Items other that license purchases are available for comissions. Custom partner deals may be required (on request) to change default affiliate contract setup on billing site.

For license subscription commisions are up to 50% of first charge or up to 10% of recurring charges, depending on item. Multiple clients decide to purchase license after 1 or few months of testing so you can follow up and suggest them to purchase license after 1 month. Subscriptions involve higher maitenance and support costs.
Hosting plans are already special deals targetted to our software clients at good rates compared to costs involved.

Publisher Program

Suspended: This program is not currently available for latest HTML5 editions. Can be implemented for high volume sellers.
The publisher program is for power affiliates to distribute customized free software editions from their own site with partial branding.
That means right click link, in chat text ads will point to publisher site. Also free editions that load a graphical advertisment will load a custom one provided by publisher instead.
Implementation on existing integrations is easy: publisher just has to include a swf parameter in own distributed editions.


Each publisher partnership is subject to evaluation and manual setup.

As guideline, one of these conditions must be met to become a publisher:

  • have a popular application (free or commercial) and integrate/distribute VideoWhisper applications with it
  • have a popular site and distribute/promote VideoWhisper applications from it
  • be a VideoWhisper paying customer (own paid licenses / premium hosting plans)

To request publisher evaluation, submit a ticket including: reasons (see above) with exact references (links), link to an advertisement you would like to include where possible in your distributions (ad can be png, jpg, gif, swf), products and editions you target if you will focus on specific ones (some editions require updates to implement the new publisher system).

Volume Discounts

We also provide volume discounts for clients or resellers that purchase multiple licenses. These can be obtained for all regular licenses:
- buy 2 and get 3 (33% off)
- buy 3 an get 5 (40% off)
- buy 5 and get 10 (50% off)
- buy 10 and get 25 (60% off)
- buy 30 and get 100 (70% off)

This offer is great for developers, hosting provides that want to offer these in combo with their services or entrepreneus that want to start multiple projects, networks of sites.

Affiliate Business Ideas

Spread The WordAll products can be downloaded and run in free mode. This means you can distribute these freely from your site or store. You can have these in a members area and build a webmasters community.

Most products include a translation.php file. All graphics load from external image files (you can also translate the SEND button which is graphic, change icons, window skins, backgrounds).
This means you can distribute translated and or reskinned versions. You can sell translations or skins.


Services and items you could sell with these products, to boost or generate income in addition to affiliate earnings:

  • Consultation services to your clients where you can guide them to correct plugins, theme for their projects
  • Installation, configuration, customization services to configure the solutions for their needs
  • Site management, administration fees (to update site news and pages, update plugins, do security scans, download backups, review and approve users)
  • Social media account setup and management (post updates with site news, milestones, updates)
  • Manage ad campaigns (Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Search engine optimization services
  • Translations, documentation in other languages
  • Integrations with other scripts, plugins, services
  • Turnkey site software based on these plugins
  • Themes, skins, logos, CSS
  • Demo / fake user profiles
  • Software as Service (SaS)
  • Turnkey sites sales (ie. on Flippa)

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